Spirit Displays has over 120 years of combined experience in ALL forms of signage design, development, manufacture, project management, and installation from a building sky sign to a window decal, from semi-trailer wrap to a digital screen display.
We are at the forefront of providing solutions to clients signage requirements. We are often engaged to provide options to current signage designs which will provide cost/logistical solutions whilst improving on the quality and timeframe for completed works.
Spirit Displays has successfully completed several large scale projects for government and non-for profit associations involving print/signage media campaigns which include, product suitability and design, manufacture, packaging/distribution to multiple locations (200+) and project management.
Some of the signage/project products include:
  • Banners and fence mesh for developers and builders

  • Re-branding and national roll-outs

  • Media signage pack (bollard covers/window decals/posters)

  • Shopfront retailer signage

  • Billboards

  • Digital display screen and LED signs

  • Illuminated signage and displays